Software Development Services
Specialising in Microsoft tools and technologies, and utilising Agile methodologies, LifeCycle has successfully architected, built, and implemented many bespoke systems for a range of clients, across the finance, mining, health and human resource sectors.

By incorporating a visual approach (storyboarding) in system design, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of the problem space, and which technologies and tools may be used to solve the relevant problem areas. This has proven effective in prioritising deliverables, and phasing the overall implementation. It also allows clients to interact and understand the processes as they occur rather than being given a ‘finished’ product that isn’t quite what they expected.

Pad / Mobile Development
Xamarin-Test-CloudUtilising the increasing popular Xamarin toolset for cross-platform mobile development, LifeCycle has authored a number of mobile and pad based applications to integrate with bespoke and existing server based enterprise systems. By harnessing all the power of these devices, including offline storage, camera, and location services, we have empowered mobile workforces to greater levels of efficiency. We like Xamarin so much we’ve become a Premium Consulting Partner!

Business Intelligence
LifeCycle has leveraged the Microsoft BI stack to product solutions for a number of clients in the health and medical industries, empowering staff and management with near real time data and statistics tailored to their business needs.

Integration Services
Application, process, and systems integration are key to any successful business. Whether you are using off the shelf products like Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, or Great Plains, or custom in house systems, there comes a point when you need them to communicate.
LifeCycle specialises in getting these systems to ‘talk’, helping reduce costly double-entry, and reducing systemic errors.

Consulting Services
With extensive experience across the full range of the software development lifecycle, we can help architect, develop, and implement your solutions, as well as providing project management expertise.
Turnkey solutions are a specialty, by applying agile techniques to keep you in the loop, and deliver the right solution for your needs.

Thinking outside the square can lead to some creative solutions.
Why re-invent the wheel, when existing system system components can be utilised and integrated more effectively?

MicrosoftPartnerNetworkLogoAlliances with Xamarin (Premier Consulting Partner) and Microsoft (Partnership Network), as well as a variety of certifications including Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer (iOS and Android) and Microsoft Certified Professional have provided LifeCycle with the tools and technologies to build and maintain robust solutions.

LifeCycle can help you make the most of what you have.