LifeCycle develops mobile applications for our customers using the Xamarin toolset. Here are just a few of the apps we built, deployed and maintain for our customers.

TreeServe is a vegetation management company based in NSW, Australia.
Working with local councils and power authorities, they manage the entire lifecycle of vegetation management for their clients.

The manager app is an iPad (iOS) application for the creation of work for allocation to crews. Supporting full offline capabilities, it enables the placing of pins on maps, as well as geospatial queries on clients assets to create work. Photos can be taken, and job details entered.

The crew app is an iPad (iOS) application for the team leaders enabling them to action work. Supporting full offline capabilities, functionality includes workflow for hazard assessments, crew and visitor sign on, job management, and incident management.

The maintenance app is an iPad (iOS) application for the maintenance team to action work.

Adventist Health Care
Adventist Health Care is a not-for-profit organisation operating a group of health care businesses including the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Xam_AHC_SanCareSanCare Mobile is an iOS/Android (Xamarin Forms) application that lets medical staff (Doctors and Nurses) view their patient information including results, and observations.

Xam_AHC_WardsmenWardsmen App is an iOS/Android (Xamarin Forms) application that lets wardsmen see and manage pending jobs. It also provides access to essential patient information, and provides an oxygen calculator for patients in transit.


Diet App is an iOS/Android (Xamarin Forms) application that allows dieticians, nursing staff, and patients order meals based on any special dietary requirements they may have. It combines existing patient data from the hospitals PMS, and combines this with dietary information from CBORD/RSConcero.

Radiographer App is an iOS/Android (Xamarin Forms) application that lets radiographers see and manage pending jobs.

Survey App is an iOS/Android (Xamarin Forms) application that allows centrally defined questionnaires / surveys to be passed out to mobile devices. Originally designed for COVID19 hospital entry questionnaires, it now supports a range of question/answer types and dynamic configuration.

Scanner App is an Android (Xamarin Forms) application interfaced to the Zebra SDK on Zebra hardware to facilitate matching of theatre consumables to theatre cases.

Digital Terrain
Digital Terrain is a specialised spin-off from a mining services company that collects and aggregates data for analysis.

Symbio PLOD is an iOS/Android app that allows all works for miners on shifts to be captured. From time sheeting, task, and stores information, detailed data collection and aggregation feeds back into the main Symbio system.
It is available via the AppStore / PlayStore.